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About Our EXCEPTIONAL Customer Service Goal

At Texas I.T. Pros, we strive to achieve cream-of-the-crop, perfect customer service. Exceptional customer service is our primary goal, and is what sets us head and shoulders above the rest of the field. To achieve this goal, we've set some strict guidelines that dictate how we operate. Our EXCEPTIONAL customer service guidelines are: 1. Answer [...]

Why We’re Better Than The Big Guys

You have a lot of companies to choose from when you're looking for an I.T. service provider. While each has their own attributes, there are two in particular that seem to be the downside of them all. The first of course is their cost. They have a LOT more overhead, and therefore they charge a [...]

Backup – The Single Most Important I.T. Topic

You've no doubt heard the horror stories. A hard drive fails, data is lost, and panic ensues. It happens all the time, and it can happen to anyone. What kind of shape would you be in if it happened to you today? That depends on whether or not you are backing up your data, how [...]

Cloud privacy concerns? We can help you get out of the cloud.

Due to recent events, many companies are looking to reign in their exposure to government snooping by getting out of the cloud and bringing services back in house. We are experts in handling this process. We can get you off of Google Apps, Gmail, DropBox, QuickBooks Online, Office 365, Google Drive, and all of the [...]

File Sharing 101

Growing businesses ask us all the time what method they should use to share files. There are a LOT of options out there, so we're just going to discuss a few that we use the most often. File Server This is the de facto standard that most businesses - especially larger businesses - have long [...]

Message From The Owner

Hi!  My name is Chris, and I am the owner of Texas I.T. Pros. I work very hard to make Texas I.T. Pros the BEST provider of I.T. support for businesses in the North Texas area. I have been in the I.T. support business for 18 years, and I have seen and experienced first hand just about everything [...]