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Message From The Owner

Hi!  My name is Chris, and I am the owner of Texas I.T. Pros. I work very hard to make Texas I.T. Pros the BEST provider of I.T. support for businesses in the North Texas area. I have been in the I.T. support business for 18 years, and I have seen and experienced first hand just about everything that can happen in the world of technology.  Knowledge and skill come from experience, and in the I.T. business nothing is more important.  There are plenty of people these days hanging out a “computer repair” sign. There are college students trying to pay their way through college (or trying to fund their next case of beer), out of work corporate I.T. guys trying to make ends meet until they find another “real job” and disappear, and more. Most of these people have two things in common – they’re not very good, and they’ll be long gone next time you need them. Not us! We’ll be here when you need us, whether it’s tomorrow or years from now, and we’re the best you can get. You can rest assured that no matter what your particular problem is we will fix it, it will be done right, and you will be happy.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed, and our customers are our number one priority. It will cost you absolutely nothing to talk to us about your needs, as our consultations are always 100% free, so give us a call today at 940-239-6500 or 888-602-6966.  You will be glad you did!

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